Image of ID 1379680618 Peugeot Paris Chef u'Select Salt Mill Copper Plated 9-in

ID 1379680618 Peugeot Paris Chef u'Select Salt Mill Copper Plated 9-in

Paris Chef collection features the most iconic Peugeot mills (Paris & Bistro) with a stainless steel body, satin finish. The premium stainless steel ensures superior strength and resistance. Whether in the kitchen or on the table, the Chef collection is the ideal accomplice for the most demanding fine-dining fans. Copper plated version has stainless steel body that has been coated in copper Product Features: Mechanism constructed of case-hardened steel - virtually indestructible. Peugeot's Salt Crushing Mechanism features two ribbed plates which work to fracture and crush coarse, dry sea salt to a consistent size. The salt grinding mechanism is made of corrosion resistant Stainless Steel. Exclusive u’Select Ring on the bottom. The patented system enables precise grind adjustment settings ranging from very coarse to powdery. Excellent grip with the mill's curved shape For grinding dry salt (rock salt) with a crystal size of less than or equal to 4 mm Do not use wet sea salt (even dried) Ready to use: salt crystals included Limited lifetime warranty in the mechanism. Body’s mill carries a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase Made in France A note on Peugeot pepper and salt mills: What kind of pepper should I use in my pepper grinder? Use only dry, hard, whole peppercorns that are 5 mm (0.2”) or less in diameter. Use peppercorns from the piper nigrum family such as white, black (Lampong, Tellicherry, Malabar) or green Do not use pepper mill to grind salt, herbs, seeds, pre-ground pepper or any other spice Pink peppercorns may only be used as part of a peppercorn blend to a maximum of 15% pink Do not use peppers as they are too long, dense and thick to be ground Do not use pickled or brined peppercorns as they will clog the mechanism in the mill. What kind of salt should I use in my salt grinder? Only use dry, coarse salts that are 4 mm (0,16 in.) or smaller. It can be used to grind a variety of salts including: Himalayan pink salt, Persian Blue salt, refined rock salt, sea salt that is not refined and Bengal salt. Use a PEUGEOT Wet Salt Mill to grind wet salt.

Price: USD 99.00

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