Image of ID 1374786379 Ghost Rider 2099 Omnibus HC

ID 1374786379 Ghost Rider 2099 Omnibus HC

Between Neuromancer and The Matrix, there was Ghost Rider 2099: a dark cyberpunk take on Marvel’s biker from beyond the grave! When the consciousness of Zero Cochrane, a murdered computer hacker, is downloaded into the body of an unstoppable cybernetic warbot, sparks fly – and Cochrane’s killers become his first targets for vengeance! But getting his revenge won’t be easy as Ghost Rider finds himself under the power of the mysterious inhabitants of the Ghostworks, a digital A.I. realm with its own set of rules — and the Doctor Doom of 2099 wants Ghost Rider under his control, as well! Enter a futuristic world that may be too close for comfort, and witness the epic story of one of Marvel’s most deadly new heroes of the 1990s – one hundred years ahead of his time! Collecting GHOST RIDER 2099 (1994) #1-25.

Price: USD 80.00

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