Image of ID 1351126539 ETVOS - Mineral Crushy Shadow French Fig 1 pc

ID 1351126539 ETVOS - Mineral Crushy Shadow French Fig 1 pc

Brand from Japan: ETVOS. A palette where you can enjoy sophisticated fashion makeup with a fusion of glitter and matte. Introducing a palette with a color scheme that is not too sweet and gives you a sense of inner strength, starting with Mineral Crusty Shadow, which creates deep and elegant eyes with the glossy and delicate shine of minerals. The palette of purple gray and gold brown, the most sparkling and elegant glitter in the history of ETVOS, and smoky brown red and dark camel that creates a loose feeling with a matte texture, is a mode that makes you feel the strength of your core. Perfect for adult women who want to make their makeup come true. Layering layers of texture that mixes dazzling sparkle and depth creates a more sensual eye look, giving an intelligent and sophisticated impression. Elegant and glossy. Creates a deep and elegant eye area with a delicate shine. The delicate luster and sparkle of minerals creates a deep and elegant eye area, creating a glossy look perfect for adult women. Furthermore, since it contains an elegant and highly purified mineral (mica), it adheres better to the skin and keeps the color from dulling for a long time, keeping your eyes glossy. Blends into your skin and leaves your eyes moisturized for a long time. In addition to moisturizing ingredients organic olive oil and jojoba oil, it also contains Lipidure (R), which boasts high moisturizing power, white fungus polysaccharide, and sodium hyaluronate. Moisturizes the eye area that tends to dry out, leading to a moisturized eye area. Furthermore, it contains ingredients to prevent rough skin to keep the sensitive eye area healthy. Hypoallergenic formula that does not require cleansing. A simple formula made with minerals, natural pigments, plant-derived oils, and beauty ingredients. It can be removed with face wash and hot water. A hypoallergenic formula recommended for those who have eyelash extensions and those who tend to have sensitive and dry eyes. 7 non-uses: Petroleum-based surfactant, mineral oil, silicon, tar-based pigment, fragrance, preservative, alcohol. How to use: You can easily create a natural gradation by applying it counterclockwise to your eyelids, starting with the highlight color on the top left. Use a brush for a soft finish, and a tip for a firm finish.

Price: USD 59.00

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