Image of ID 1288811337 hoyu - Professional Promaster Color Care Treatment

ID 1288811337 hoyu - Professional Promaster Color Care Treatment

Brand from Japan: hoyu. Stylish Contained 18MEA and blended oils condition cuticles damaged by coloring and leads to silky smooth hair. The relaxing and elegant scent of silky bouquet. Top Note : Orange, Lemon Middle Note : Rose, Geranium Base Note : Amber, Cedarwood Rich Rich treatment repairs the loss of hair moisture retention due to coloring. Contained Hyaluronic acid and Hydrolyzed keratin condition your hair while repairing damaged part and lead to moistured and well controlled hair. The gentle scent based on Jasmine. Sweetia Conaining amino acid complex which works on damaged hair due to heat of dryer or iron. The active ingredients penetrate into your hair and lead smooth and soft textured hair, while reparing damaged part. The gently sweet scent, by blending berry and muguet. Calmy Calmy treatment cares wavy hair. The shampoo repairs wavy hair which were strengthened by coloring. Contained Lysine penetrates deep into your hair to condition the water and charge balance, and leads to fluffy hair by supressing strongy wave. The relaxing and refreshing scent of Bergamot and Leafy Green.

Price: USD 52.50

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