Image of ID 1214260118 1000 SLIM Clear Double DVD Cases 7MM

ID 1214260118 1000 SLIM Clear Double DVD Cases 7MM

The 7mm Premium Slim Double DVD Cases are made from 100% New Virgin Polypropylene Material and are of exceptional quality. DVD Cases have a clear/transparent cover for labels or graphics covering the front and the back. Holds the disc securely on the hub preventing it from sliding off. Manufacturer: Mediaxpo Specification: ** Category: DVD Cases ** Color: Clear ** Size: Slimline ** Thickness: 7mm ** Capacity: 2 Disc Double ** Type: Premium ** Material: Polypropylene ** Measurement: 135mm x 190mm x 7mm (5 3/8 x 7 1/2 x 1/4 inches) Features: ** Made from 100% New Polypropylene material ** Holds 2 DVD or CD ** Strong Locking Mechanism: Disc would not be fall out from the case ** Strong Tab Holders: would not be easily broken after many times pushing ** Strong Hinge: would not become white and broken after several opening and closing

Price: USD 340.95

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