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ID 1213744726 Nirvana

"The story of NIRVANA by Drew Estate begins with rich plantation tobaccos from the most precious and fertile growing regions in the North of Nicaragua and Cameroon, Africa. The dark, rich, and heavy soil of the renowned Esteli district makes the filler leaves come to life in this distinct blend that we can proudly describe as luxuriously full bodied, yet naturally sweet and spicy. Nirvana is passionately made in Esteli, Nicaragua by friends and family" cigar rollers who have been with Drew Estate for almost 10 years, ensuring a quality roll and consistency." Royal Gold Cigars have done well with their partnership with Drew Estate." Binder: Mexican, Brand: Nirvana, Country of Origin: Nicaragua, Drew Estate, Filler: Nicaraguan, Full Cigars, Length: 4, Length: 5, Length: 6, Medium Cigars, Mexican Cigars, Nicaraguan Cigars, Nirvana, Packaging: 5 Pack, Packaging: Box of 20, Packaging: Si

Price: USD 1.00

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