Image of ID 1190370828 Watts (WQC4RO11-50MT) 4 Stage KWIK CHANGE RO System 50 GPD w- Metal Tank (DISCONTINUED)

ID 1190370828 Watts (WQC4RO11-50MT) 4 Stage KWIK CHANGE RO System 50 GPD w- Metal Tank (DISCONTINUED)

Watts® Kwik-Change™ Systems are designed for consumers that demand the "best". Unlike conventional reverse omosis systems, Watts drinking water systems with Kwik-Change cartridges have no sumps, so their proprietary filter elements and membranes areeasy to replace.Features & BenefitsCartridges are connected and removed with a simple 1/4 turn.No filter sumps! No fuss! No mess!Automatic shut-off when cartridges are removed.Tank and faucet options available.Valves are built into the heads to prevent back-flow for water quality assurance.WQA Gold Seal Certified to NSF/ANSI Std. 58.Kwik-Change RO SystemNo Sumps! No Mess! No Fuss!Hinge bracket for easy handling.Automatic shut off when cartridges are removed with a simple, 1/4 turn.No need to disconnect tubing when replacing membranes.Integrated check valves between cartridges and membrane prevent back-flow.Cartridges have double o-rings so they will not leak.Quick connect fittings for easy installation. System Includes the Following Parts: One Reverse Osmosis Filtration System (WQC4RO) One 11" Carbon Block Filter (WQCCC11) One 11" Sediment Filter (WQCSC11) One 11" GAC Filter (WQCGAC11) One 11" RO Membrane Filter (WQCM11-50) Tubing (white) One 4.4 gal tank Installation kit and hardware

Price: USD 297.49

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