Image of ID 1052731928 3-in-1 Bike + Seat Cover

ID 1052731928 3-in-1 Bike + Seat Cover

The Wishbone Bike is the ultimate pre-bike. It starts younger and lasts longer than others - For children from 12 months to 5 years - and is a multi award-winning product. This kit comes with everything you need for a baby walker, toddler trike, and adjustable balance bike.Step 1: Start with three wheels and learn to walkStep 2: Convert to a two-wheel balance bikeStep 3: Flip the frame, raise the seat, and grow with your child Bike Features:Exceeds European, US, and Australian safety standardsBuilt for indoor and outdoor fun (but store indoors)Adjustable seat height: from 11-18""Made from sustainably harvested birch and eucalyptus wood, non-toxic glues and finishes, and recycled packagingSeat Cover Features:Made specifically to fit the Wishbone Bike seatMade from silicone

Price: USD 299.99

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