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Halvarssons Warm Wool Longs Grey 3XL

Why choose the Halvarssons Warm Wool Longs Grey? This Men, Women’s Pants is a great product from Halvarssons’s base layer collection. A baselayer, or under layer, is as the name suggests the first layer of clothing you wear closest to your skin, underneath your motorcycle clothing. Depending on your needs, a base layer () can offer warmth during cold days while absorbing and evaporating sweat or keep you cool and fresh during warm days. Either way, with the right layers your ride will be comfortable. Features of the Halvarssons Warm Wool Longs Grey This Grey Halvarssons Pants has a Temperature regulating function. Temperature regulating layers keep you warm when you’re cold and cool you down when you're hot. Tip! Are you wearing a leather suit or leather motorcycle clothing and can putting it on and taking it off sometimes be a hassle? Then we recommend wearing this Halvarssons base layer. Thanks to the extra layer you’re wearing, the suit won’t stick to your skin and switching clothes will be a piece of cake. The Halvarssons Warm Wool Longs Grey looks Even though an underlayer is not always visible, it completes your outfit. With this Halvarssons Pants you’re ready for great rides on your bike, whether it’s on the track, on the road or off-road. Is this Grey Pants not the one you’re looking for? Or are you looking for different types of underlayers from Halvarssons ()? Check out our collection of base layers () to see if there’s one that fits your wants and needs.
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Price: AUD 89.20

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