Image of Green Cell Inverter INV17 500 W 24 V - 230 V

Green Cell Inverter INV17 500 W 24 V - 230 V

Always have a connection - inverter is a device that allows you to use electric devices anywhere, even when you are not connected to the power source. Uniformity - this green cell inverter not only has outlets that you can connect electrical devices to, but also has a USB port for charging smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets. Complete security - don't worry about voltage surges. The inverter has a wide range of safety features and safety certificates to ensure smooth operation. Pure Sine - works perfectly with devices that need a constant power supply with the same current as in the socket. This includes drilling machines, construction machines, solar systems, ovens and central heating pumps.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 89.99

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