Image of Ghostbusters Stay Puft Costume Adult ID FUN0860AD-XS

Ghostbusters Stay Puft Costume Adult ID FUN0860AD-XS

Let's NOT Have a Toast Do you know the classic campfire ghost story where people gather around the fire? The story always ends with someone saying, "If you listen closely you can hear that dead so-and-so right now" or something along those lines. Well, we're going to warn you right now, do not tell the story of the stay puffed marshmallow around the campfire. This demonic ghostie is super sensitive when it comes to people chowing down on S'mores and sticking his tiny brethren on sticks before slowly roasting them over hot coals. It's not actually much of a wonder why he gets peeved but as long as you don't bring him up while telling spooky stories, you should be in the clear.  Details & Design This hilarious licensed costume will make it look like you're straight out of The Ghostbuster franchise. This iconic costume has a fluffy body and puffed up sleeves and pants. A square blue collar with a red scarf sets off this white costume just right. The costume secures at the back with hook and loop fasteners. The costume is finished off with a headpiece that frames the face and it's topped off with an adorable little hat. This sweet, fluffy costume might look super cute but you know that you're a demon straight from Gozer's realm.  Hangry for Haunts Are you ready to stir more delicious Ghostbuster spookiness into your life? This costume will be one of your new favorite picks for costume parties for years to come. And because of the extensive collection of Ghostbuster costumes, you can find more and more ways for people to join you in your Ghostbuster journey. From Slimer to Venkman, you and yours will all have all sorts of spirit taming adventures. But don't tell your family about your idea before you order, you know that you're the sweetest character in the Ghostbuster series!

Price: USD 89.99

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