Image of Gesipa 1567589 SoftGrip® blind rivet nut M6 100 pc(s)

Gesipa 1567589 SoftGrip® blind rivet nut M6 100 pc(s)

Soft grip blind rivet nutsThe soft grip blind rivet nuts of GESIPAy allow easy inserting of high-quality threads in sensitive lightweight applications Carbon-fiber reinforced plastics, in short CFK, have undeniable and fascinating advantages when it comes to savingOf weight. However, they are also particularly demanding when it comes to partner choice. Standard connectors are definitely not good enough for the high-quality material. GESIPA has now developed a blind rivet nut for composite materials that meets the highest requirements. The Softgrip blind rivet nut by GESIPA is a further development of the proven PolyGrip multi-area blind rivet nut.A very controlled setting process only puts a very slight strain on the part against hole leaching and surface pressing. The locking head which develops on a surface with an above-average large diameter ensures excellent mechanical properties. This prevents damage to components such as crushing, cracks, delamination, etc. By the controlled training of the closing head and the thus reduced hole lobe can Smaller edge distances of the blind rivet nuts can be realized with larger hole tolerances at the same time. The high-quality materials steel, A2 and A4 additionally provide high corrosion resistance of the supporting thread. Advantages- Fast processes- Form connection with the components- Process monitoring and process control are possible- High strength- Independent of surface properties- No third-party materials required (adhesive)- No aging effects- One-sided accessibility- No delamination of the CFRP- Lower edge distances of the holes- Large clamping range- High corrosion resistance through stainless steel- Larger tolerances possible for the bore hole insertion Soft grip stainless steel blind rivet nuts Perfectly suitable for CFK applications The high quality materials stainless steel A2 and A4 additionally provide high resistance to corrosionOf the carrying thread, where the GESIPA Softgrip blind rivet nut made of stainless steel Ideal is suitable for CFK material.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 65.99

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