Image of Gesipa 1455476 Blind rivet nut M5 500 pc(s)

Gesipa 1455476 Blind rivet nut M5 500 pc(s)

GESIPA blind rivet nuts Benefits at a glance- Simple and quick assembly with one-sided component access- Placement of high-quality threads in thin and soft materials  (Steel, aluminum, magnesium, plastics, etc.)- No thermal influences on the components and therefore no heat distortion  Or damage to the surfaces of the components. Therefore, no post-processing is necessary- Very high flexibility of the manufacturing process- Low investment for mounting equipment- Versatile use. Also for hybrid connections and soft materials.- Generation of water and gas-tight compounds- No emission of heat, smoke and welding gases to the environment,  And thus no impairment (danger) of man or the environment TermsThe set head is the part of the blind rivet nut which rests on the visible side of the component. The user has the option to select between the following variants:- Flat head - for a large contact surface on the component- Small head - for minimum protrusion of blind rivet nut and  I.e. an almost level support of the mounting part- Countersunk head - for flat surfaces with lowered holes The shaft is the part of the blind rivet nut, which deforms during setting and the blind rivet nutIn the component. This produces the so-called locking head. The user can choose from the following variantsSelect: Round, milled, or square (six or square) The materialThe customer can obtain the blind rivet nut from steel, aluminum or stainless steel (A2, A4) according to the application. The threadThe GESIPA blind rivet nuts are equipped with metric thread as standard, with theThe steel blind rivet nuts meet the requirements of strength class 8.8. On requestFurther dimensions, like Imperial or coarse thread possible.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 189.99

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