Image of Gesipa 1433951 Rivet gun 1 Set

Gesipa 1433951 Rivet gun 1 Set

Flip-Box contents Hand blind rivet-setter Flipper and 3 PolyGrip blind dimensions, in a robust plastic bag. Incl. 3 blind rivets dimensions PolyGrip aluminum/steel 3.2 x 8.0 mm PolyGrip aluminum/steel 4.0 x 10.0 mm PolyGrip aluminum/steel 4.8 x 10.0 mm flipper - the hand blind rivet setting device for optimal one-handed operation. Working range processes all blind rivets up to 5 mm Ø Aluminium and 4 mm Ø Steel and stainless steel. Advantages - When closing the human hand, the force increases. This finding is useful thanks to a special lever layout for setting blind rivets: Ergonomic design - The necessary manual force is reduced by approx. 40 per cent - during repeated use - Operating lever with opening spring for optimal one-handed operation - Gripping mechanism with spring return for secure and automatic mandrel - Rivet pin collection container can be attached to the clamp housing and simply to empty - Large device hub: Advantageous in extremely long blind rivets - Sturdy pliers case made from high-quality aluminum die-cast - Robust operating lever made from high-tempered steel - Joint bolts protected against twist bearings - Ergonomic lever arrangement and handle designThis text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 169.99

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