Image of Furygan Stockton Air D30 Shoes Black Red Size 38 EN

Furygan Stockton Air D30 Shoes Black Red Size 38 EN

Furygan Stockton Air D30 Shoes Black Red Ride relaxed and cool with the Stockton Air D3O®. With their lugged soles, they’ll always get you where you need to go, whether on foot or on a motorbike. Lightweight, breathable and with a ventilated tongue, they’re comfortable and designed for everyday use. Made from hard-wearing materials and reinforced with D3O® ankle protection, they’re built to last. Specifications of the Stockton * The laces are reflective in black and red edition. * The ultimate protection in the event of impact, the D3O® malleolus guard has been integrated to protect you while remaining discreet in use for your comfort and looks. * Cleated sole. * Reinforced heels and toes. Shock-proof comfort and protection for safe, enjoyable riding. * Malleolus D3O® protectors. D3O® is a very soft material where molecules lock in the event of an impact to absorb kinetic energy. This technology makes it possible to create soft, ergonomic and top performing protectors for more security and comfort. * Gear shift protector * Removable insole * Perforated tongue. To facilitate good ventilation of the shoe. * High tenacity Polyester. Polyester with a weight of 600 deniers or more (thin tights weigh about 10 deniers). With at least one coating to hold the fibres together, PHT offers greater resistance than standard polyester.
Black - Polyester

Price: AUD 176.56

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