Image of Furygan Sacramento D30 Shoes White Grey Taille 37

Furygan Sacramento D30 Shoes White Grey Taille 37

Furygan Sacramento D30 Shoes Black Lightweight and weatherproof, the Sacramento D3O® takes its style from the world of sportswear. In a unique and contemporary style, it incorporates all the technology of MotionLab®. The rugged soles and reinforced materials will make you stand out in style, while providing safety on your two-wheeler. Specifications of the Sacramento * The Sacramento D3O®’s high top silhouette provides extra support and ankle protection for motorcycling. * The ultimate in impact protection, the D3O® malleolus guard has been integrated to protect you while remaining unobtrusive in use for your comfort and looks. * Cleated sole. * Reinforced heels and toes. Shock-proof comfort and protection for safe, enjoyable ridin * Malleolus D3O® protectors. D3O® is a very soft material where molecules lock in the event of an impact to absorb kinetic energy. This technology makes it possible to create soft, ergonomic and top performing protectors for more security and comfort. * Gear shift protector. * Gear shifter abrasion resistant material. * Removable insole. * Waterproof and breathable membrane. * Polyester. * Rubber. The rubber parts provide good grip thanks to a unique anti-slip coating. * Airmesh. Three-dimensional synthetic fabric with excellent airflow properties, good cushioning and quick drying capabilities.
Blanc - Polyester,Synthetic Leather

Price: CAD 183.19

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