Image of Flasher Gremlins Puppet ID TTRLWB108-ST

Flasher Gremlins Puppet ID TTRLWB108-ST

The Gremlin Whisperer You've no doubt heard about the adorable Mogwai critter. They're fuzzy and smart. They are sweet and curious. Everyone wants one! Unless, of course, you're a late-night kind of person. In that case, you should definitely stick to the cats. The whole don't get 'em wet and watch out for those late-night snacks are rules that are pretty tough to follow for the rest of us. Then again, if you can handle a few gremlins around the house, you don't have anything to worry about! With that in mind, maybe it is best to get your hands on them one at a time! Learn how to get them to behave and you could become the very first gremlin whisperer! Product Details Before you dive in with the actual beasties, try hanging out with this officially licensed Puppet Gremlins Flasher. This little guy is almost life-size, standing over two feet tall and looking full of mischief with his polyester trenchcoat. Sunglasses at the ready, he's sure to bring folks a ton of smiles... (when he's under your control, anyway)! So, get your Gremlins on and celebrate the spooky, goofy fun of everyone's favorite creepy critters. 

Price: USD 349.99

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