Image of Five Stunt Evo 2 Camo Khaki Size 2XL EN

Five Stunt Evo 2 Camo Khaki Size 2XL EN

Why buy the Five Stunt Evo 2 Camo Khaki motorcycle gloves? The Five Stunt Evo 2 motorcycle gloves are a great pair of Short Cuff Summer gloves. The Stunt Evo 2’s features play right into the needs and wishes of Urban/Street riders. No matter your riding style, a pair of comfortably fitting gloves is of the utmost importance because having great feel with the handlebars is essential to operate your bike. Five Stunt Evo 2 features These gloves are constructed from Goat leather, Stretch Twill to provide you with the necessary protection from abrasion. Its Knuckle protector, Palm slider provide ample impact protection in the case of a slide. These gloves are fitted with a Velcro closure for easy and secure fastening. When it comes to ventilation, they are equipped with Perforated back, Perforated fingers, Perforated palm. These particular gloves come in the color Black, Green. If you’re looking for a different pair of gloves, we have plenty more Five motorcycle gloves () available.
Black - Goat leather,Stretch Twill

Price: AUD 113.48

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