Image of Five RFX3 Evo Gloves Black Fluo Red Size 2XL ID 3841300115578

Five RFX3 Evo Gloves Black Fluo Red Size 2XL ID 3841300115578

Five RFX3 Evo Gloves Black Fluo Red Get ready to meet the game-changer in motorcycle gloves – the Five RFX3 Evo! It’s not just any glove; it’s a modern marvel that eclipses its predecessor with cutting-edge features and unparalleled protection. The RFX3 Evo introduces the revolutionary AirGO PROTECH™ Performance shells, a first in the Racing range, blending rigid outer protection with a soft, impact-absorbing inner core. This high-tech combo ensures top-notch ergonomics, breathability, and safety, achieving the highest CE level 2 protective standard. Designed for the spirited sport-bike rider and track enthusiast, the RFX3 Evo promises safety without compromising on comfort, and its versatile Touch Screen™ system keeps you connected on the go. With its stylish edge and innovative features, the RFX3 Evo is your trusted companion for every ride, offering a glimpse into the future of racing gloves. Features of the Five RFX3 Evo * Supple full-grain goat leather and synthetic topside: This combination provides both durability and flexibility, offering a comfortable fit while ensuring your hands stay protected. The use of goat leather gives the gloves a soft feel, enhancing grip and control, crucial for those tight turns and long rides. * Perforated synthetic leather accordion: Optimizes the position of the knuckle protector, allowing for better flexibility and airflow. This means your hands stay cooler and more comfortable, even during intense rides or in warmer weather. * TPR finger protection with air intake vent: Not just protective, these vents help in keeping your fingers cool, reducing sweat and discomfort during rides. It’s a smart way to maintain dexterity and comfort, especially during longer journeys. * Dual closure system: Ensures a secure and adjustable fit, minimizing the risk of the gloves coming loose or shifting during a ride. This feature is crucial for maintaining proper hand position and control over your motorcycle's controls. * Hi-Res Grip™ palm reinforcement: Enhances your grip on the handlebars, providing a safer and more controlled riding experience. This reinforcement helps prevent hand fatigue, allowing you to focus more on the ride. * Touch Screen system™: On the index finger and thumb, this feature allows you to use your electronic devices without removing your gloves. It’s especially useful for navigating GPS or managing music, making your ride smoother and more enjoyable. Extras of the Five RFX3 Evo * Anti-Twist accordion band: A unique FIVE innovation that prevents your fingers from being pulled apart in the event of a fall. This feature adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring your fingers stay aligned and protected. * Forearm protection: With an ergonomic TPR shell integrated into the cuff, it extends the protection beyond your hands, safeguarding your forearms against impacts and abrasions. This comprehensive protection is invaluable, especially when exploring the limits on a track. * CE KP1 certification: This certification assures you of the gloves' high safety standards, making them a reliable choice for both casual rides and competitive racing. It’s peace of mind, knowing your gloves are tested and trusted. Ready to elevate your ride with the Five RFX3 Evo? Contact us () for more info or to discover our extensive range of Five gloves (). Dive into the future of motorcycle gear with the RFX3 Evo and ride with confidence!
Negro Piel de cabra Race/Sport Entretiempo,Verano RFX3 Evo Gloves

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