Image of Fiskars PowerGear II 70 cm L77 1000583 Lopper Anvil

Fiskars PowerGear II 70 cm L77 1000583 Lopper Anvil

Up to 50 millimeters thick, dry and hard wood cuts this power gear™ II anvil model without trouble.With the support of the pulpit release are extra powerful cut possible, because it has a hook-shaped. This has the advantage that the AST, which is to be cut off, can be attached. This produces a precise cut.The non-stick coating of the blade leads to less friction and protects the blade during the cutting process. Like all power gear™ models, even cuts this FISKARS LOPPER with the help of the transmission mechanism. This intelligent mechanism then when it is needed most. Thus he causes that you no longer need to use force when cutting thick branches and yet powerful, clean cuts can be performed.In an even higher cutting performance also contributes the EaseCut™ technology. Furthermore, these 70 centimeters long Fiskars Lopper ergonomic handles with non-slip surface. The weight amounts to 1046 grams - so that you can also overhead Cuts effortlessly can be made. There are also available for this model spare blade and anvil.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 61.99

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