Image of Fire Captain Plus Size Costume for Women ID FUN6240PL-4X

Fire Captain Plus Size Costume for Women ID FUN6240PL-4X

Captain's Orders You know what gets our goat? People who say "fireman" instead of "firefighter." We're guessing it bugs you, too. Because you're not just a firefighter that can keep up with the boys, you're the Fire Captain, and you run this joint! Everyone at your firehouse knows you are the gal in charge, and you command your team with a mixture of level-headed preparedness, lighthearted fun, and tough love. You're well respected and fair, and you're one mean firefighter out in the field. You've performed some amazing rescues and saved structures with impressive speed and efficiency, and we know you're humble, but it's time the whole world knew how cool you are... If this storyline sounds like fun, you'll love wearing our Women's Fire Captain Plus Size Costume for Halloween this year. You can be in charge of the whole party, and ensure the safety of all partygoers. Of course, at your fire station, you also promote fun and relaxation for your crew—they work hard!—so it's bound to be a great night for you and yours! Design & Details This is an exclusive uniform fit for a Captain, that's for sure! Made by Us with quality attention to detail, this authentic look features a blue firefighter shirt over canvas pants. The dark blue tee has a printed Fire Dept. logo on the front, as well as in large text emblazoned on the back. The tan pants have 2 pockets, an elastic waistband, and suspenders that attach on the back and clip to the front. You can't rightly command your crew without a hat, now can you? Don't worry, we've included one, just for you! 5-Alarm Style Of course, on the job, you're all business—but it's Halloween! So, let your hair down, Cap'n, and enjoy looking and feeling great. And whatever you do, remember to have at least as much fun as your team; you've earned it!      

Price: USD 59.99

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