Image of Exquisite Vampire Women's Costume ID FUN7120AD-XS

Exquisite Vampire Women's Costume ID FUN7120AD-XS

Making an Entrance Every vampire knows you need to make an entrance if you want to keep your spot as Queen of the Night. Why do you think Dracula had that fantastic, swishy black cape? He knew the power of a fashionable first impression. Otherwise, you may sink into second place in the monster roster behind Frankenstein or the Abominable Snowman, and that would be really embarrassing. You've spent centuries carving out your place at the top of the pack, using such special touches as Gothic castles, ornate coffins and a killer (literally!) Transylvanian accent. It'd be awful if all your evil work was wasted because of a poor shirt choice! At the same time, we understand how difficult it can be to find the exact right outfit for a night of sucking blood and transforming into a bat. There isn't exactly a "Vampires-R-Us" store you can send Igor to! If only there was a mail order option... Well, we're happy to announce that there is! Product Details Rule over the children of the night with this exclusive Women's Exquisite Vampire Costume. The outfit is 100 percent polyester with velvet and taffeta fabrics. The pinstriped black vest includes such stylish details as buttons down the front and columns of ruffles, along with a gunmetal fob chain attached to the lowest buttons with elastic loops. The beautiful black jacket is made from velvet material on the outer shell, with taffeta lining and flounced sleeve cuffs. It also has red trim around the high collar, front edges and sleeves. To complete the look, there's a jabot with three tiers of blood red fabric. Fashionable Fiend When you don this Women's Exquisite Vampire Costume, you are definitely guaranteed to be the most stylish ghoul at the next monster ball you attend!

Price: USD 59.99

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