Image of Exclusive Plus Size Raggedy Ann Women's Costume ID FUN4021PL-7X

Exclusive Plus Size Raggedy Ann Women's Costume ID FUN4021PL-7X

Best-Dressed in the Toybox Eat your heart out, all of you plastic fashion dolls. Sure, you may have the perky ponytails and the outfits with the matching purses and perfectly accessorized lipsticks inside the matching purses, but do you know what you don't have? Timelessness! As a prominent fashionista once said, "Fashion changes, but style endures." We're pretty sure she was talking about Raggedy Ann when she said that. After all, this classy lady has endured for over a century, remaining one of America's most popular dolls of all time. Ever since she was invented, her cheerful yarn smile and frilly white pinafore have been real icons. If that's not fashion, we don't know what is! Product Details You’ll be huggable and classic in this exclusive, one-of-a-kind Plus Size Raggedy Ann Costume! The floral-printed blue dress slips on over a cheeky pair of white ruffled bloomers. Red and white striped socks are both cheerful and charming and make a great statement when paired with Raggedy Ann’s dress. The white apron definitely completes the look! Add the red yarn wig with the sweet blue bow, and you're ready for a doll's runway event! Classy and Fabulous That's you when you wear your exclusive Raggedy Ann Costume! The other dolls will be green with jealousy, so be sure to share your fashion tips with them – that's what a classy doll like you does!

Price: USD 59.99

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