Image of Ergon SM E-Mountain Core Prime Saddle

Ergon SM E-Mountain Core Prime Saddle

Ergon -
The Core saddle is made for the riding position on typical for E-MTBs. Seating comfort is dramatically enhanced while your lower back is relieved. The rear ramp supports the rider better in steep up hill situations when seated and also improves your riding skills: To achieve the best possible traction your body weight needs to be transferred evenly onto the bike through the saddle, which is why the 3D-flexibility of the ergonomic core improves power transfer dramatically. Strongly raised ramp for maximum support from behind, helps to stabilize your position on the bike and saves energy when riding uphill The Relief channel helps to avoid numbness and provides increased protection for soft-tissue areas Maximum seating comfort thanks to the thick padding, even on very long rides Ergon SM E-Mountain Core Prime Saddle -Stealth, Mens, Medium/Large Gender/Age: Men's Color: Stealth Width: 160 Rail Material: Chromoly Clamp Style: Std Rails Material: Synthetic Length: 278 Saddle Cut Out: No Defined Color: Black

Price: USD 159.95

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