Image of Electro Voice RE520 Microphone (vocals) Transfer type (details):Corded incl bag incl clip

Electro Voice RE520 Microphone (vocals) Transfer type (details):Corded incl bag incl clip

The RE520 is a high-quality, powerful condenser supercardioid vocal microphone. Developed to highlight extraordinary details and lively clarity for the capacitor elements, it skillfully delivers lyrical finesse for an impressive voice reproduction. The sound signature is detailed, full and lively, with a warm and clear bass range, a natural and present middle range and an open, clear and detailed high-end. The supercardoid characteristic offers an excellent acoustic insulation. Maximum feedback suppression when a stage monitor is positioned far away from the axis at a 225° or 125° angle to the element. This characteristic allows a clean mix, because ambient noise is suppressed. The multi-stage pop filter consists of two layers of dense foam separated by air, which absorbs wind speed due to breath and gusts of wind. The high pass filter has two positions (see figure). The flat position offers the full frequency range of the capsule. The high-pass position attenuates frequencies below 150 Hz. The internal shock absorption isolates the microphone element from vibration and protects it from external noise.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 410.00

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