Image of Einhell Power-X-Twincharger 3 A Battery pack charger 4512069

Einhell Power-X-Twincharger 3 A Battery pack charger 4512069

The Einhell Power X-Twincharger 3 A can be used to charge two batteries of the power X-Change system series simultaneously. One battery – for all devices: power X-Change batteries can be used in all crafts and garden tools of the powerful Einhell system series. The chargers of the series can be used universally for all power X-change batteries. The advantages for the customer are obvious: With a battery and a charger for all devices, you save not only considerable costs when purchasing, the universal application option protects the environment and at the same time offers flexibility in the house and garden. There is also no mess and chaos with different chargers for each individual device. Parallel, simultaneous charging of both batteries saves space and provides not only fast, high availability but also continuous working, especially when using 2x 18V devices. The charger can be easily mounted on the wall using the integrated suspension eyes. The charging times are short by means of quick charging technology, for the optimum charging process and highest security the battery is constantly monitored by the intelligent charging management. The Refresh mode allows the reactivation of deep discharged batteries. All current information is provided by the 6-fold status LED display.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 55.99

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