Image of Eaton Frequency inverter DA1-34061FB-B55C 30 kW 3-phase

Eaton Frequency inverter DA1-34061FB-B55C 30 kW 3-phase

Additional technical information: Number of analogue outputs: 2Number of analogue inputs: 2Number of digital outputs: 2Number of digital inputs: 5Number of hardware interfaces serial RS-485: 1Type of converter: U-converterbraking chopper integrated: YesUse in industrial applications permitted: YesUse in residential and commercial areas permitted: YesMax. Output frequency 500 HzMax. Output voltage: 500 Vwith control element: Yeswith PC connection: YesMains voltage: 380 - 480 Vsupports protocol for CAN: Yessupports protocol for DeviceNet: Yessupports protocol for Ethernet/IP: Yessupports protocol for MODBUS: Yessupports protocol for PROFIBUS: Yessupports protocol for PROFINET IO: Yessupports protocol for other bus systems: Yes; IP rating: IP55; Max. frequency: 60 Hz; Min. frequency: 50 Hz; Network type: 3-phase; Nominal current: 61 A; Output rating (max.): 30 kW; Product size (depth): 270 mm; Product size (height): 540 mm; Product size (width): 235 mm

Price: EUR 4469.00

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