Image of EU Nolan N100-6 Classic N-COM 003 Glossy Black Modular Helmet Taille M

EU Nolan N100-6 Classic N-COM 003 Glossy Black Modular Helmet Taille M

Nolan N100-6 Classic N-COM 003 Glossy Black Modular Helmet This isn't just any helmet; it's a revolution on your head. The N100-6 by Nolan is a testament to what happens when relentless innovation meets the spirit of adventure. Elevating the legacy of its predecessor, the N100-5, this high-end polycarbonate flip-up helmet doesn't just meet the new ECE 22-06 homologation standards—it soars above them. Sporting a sportier edge and even finer finishes, it's engineered to transform touring into an adrenaline-fueled journey of exploration. With cutting-edge technology at its core, the N100-6 invites you to form an emotional bond with the road. Get ready to redefine your journey with unparalleled prestige and performance.  Features of the Nolan N100-6 * UN/ECE 22-06 Certification: Whether you're cruising open highways or navigating city streets, the N100-6's certification means it's built to protect you in both open (J) and closed (P) configurations. This ensures a versatile helmet that's safe and compliant, no matter how you ride. * Visor Technology: Experience the world in widescreen with the ultra-wide, scratch-resistant visor. Including a Pinlock® fog-resistant inner visor, it guarantees clear vision in any condition. The adjustable Vision Protection System (VPS) offers UV protection up to 400nm, with an automatic retraction system to quickly adapt to changing light. * Top Clima Comfort: The interior is where comfort meets technology. Featuring eco-friendly fabric and an innovative net construction liner for optimal airflow, the LPC (Liner Positioning Control) ensures a perfect fit. The 3D shaped cheek pads improve wearability, complete with removable padding for easy cleaning. * Unmatched Ventilation: Thanks to the "AirBooster Technology," enjoy a constant flow of fresh air, keeping you cool and comfortable, even on the hottest rides. * Chin Guard with Dual Action System: The chin guard's unique dual-action opening system and elliptical trajectory offer ease of use and enhanced safety, ensuring the guard stays securely in place. * Secure Fit with Microlock²: The Microlock² retention system provides a secure, adjustable fit, ensuring your helmet stays in place, no matter the ride. Extras of the Nolan N100-6 * Wind Protector: Keep the ride smooth and serene with the included wind protector, minimizing noise and air turbulence for a more enjoyable journey. * Every N100-6 helmet comes with a suite of added features to enhance your riding experience, ensuring you get more than just protection. * From the moment you unbox your N100-6, you'll find everything you need to hit the road in style and comfort, including a protective helmet bag and a clear visor for those sunny days or night rides. Ready to take your ride to the next level? Don't just dream about the perfect helmet; make it a reality. Need more information? () We're here to help you gear up for new adventures. Eager for more? Explore our Nolan Helmets () category page for a world of options.
Noir - Polycarbonate - unisex

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