Image of EU Five Scrambler Gloves Green Black Taille S

EU Five Scrambler Gloves Green Black Taille S

Five Scrambler Gloves Green Black In the roaring twenties, "scrambler" described the thrilling dirt track races, evolving through the decades into the dual-purpose motorcycles we adore for their on and off-road capabilities. The Five Scrambler gloves embody this spirited legacy, tailored for the adventurers who draw inspiration from this blend of vintage appeal and modern functionality. These gloves are part of the Custom collection, crafted for those who appreciate the scrambler's distinctive style or embody it themselves. With its customizable design, featuring interchangeable velcro patches, and construction that marries Twill Span stretch for breathability with the durability of Nash synthetic leather on the palms, these gloves promise not just exceptional comfort but a grip that connects you to your ride like never before. Their brown hue, perforated goat leather accents, and foam reinforcements for protection, marry aesthetics with safety, earning them a CE level 1 certification. Plus, they're ready for today's digital world with a Touch Screen™ system on the index finger. Dive into the past with gear built for the present with the Five Scrambler gloves. Features of the Scrambler * Twill Span Stretch Topside Construction: This design ensures breathability and flexibility, allowing your hands to remain comfortable and cool, even on the longest rides. It's all about marrying comfort with durability. * Nash Synthetic Leather Palm: Renowned for its durability and grip, Nash synthetic leather provides the tactile feedback and control every rider seeks, ensuring a firm hold on your journey, wherever it may lead. * Perforated Goat Leather: Located on the ring, pinky fingers, and wrist, this material adds a layer of suppleness and breathability, enhancing the glove's comfort without sacrificing durability or protection. * Interchangeable Velcro Patches: Customize your look to match your mood or bike. Delivered with three patches, these gloves offer personalization alongside performance. * Velcro Wrist Closure: A secure fit is vital for safety and comfort. This closure ensures your gloves stay in place, giving you one less thing to worry about when you're navigating the roads or trails. * Touch Screen™ System on the Index Finger: Stay connected without sacrificing your ride. This feature allows for easy device operation, proving that modern technology and vintage style can coexist beautifully. * CE Level 1 Certification: Safety isn't taken lightly with the Five Scrambler. This certification assures you of the gloves' protective capabilities, letting you ride with peace of mind. Extras of the Scrambler * Three Interchangeable Velcro Patches: Dive into customization with three distinct patches. Change your style as easily as you navigate turns, making your gloves as versatile as your riding experiences. * Touch Screen Compatibility: The modern rider's must-have, ensuring you're always connected and in control, without needing to remove your gloves. A small but crucial convenience in today's fast-paced world. Do you need more information about this product? Contact us (). We gladly help you out in your search for new motorcycle gear. Want to see more? Then look at our Five gloves () category page.
Vert - Cuir de Chèvre,Synthetic Leather - male

Price: EUR 53.95

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