Image of EU Daytona Max Sports Black 44

EU Daytona Max Sports Black 44

Why order the Daytona Max Sports Black? The Daytona Max Sports GTX Short boots are part of ChromeBurner’s adventure touring collection. These touring boots are designed to handle full days on the tarmac, or just when you commute to work no matter what the weather brings. A true touring boot is comfortable, well finished and constructed of high quality materials so they can withstand all weather conditions, and that's exactly what the Max Sports GTX offer! If you're not into this particular pair of Short boots, simply check out our other adventure / touring boots from Daytona. () The Max Sports GTX protective features These comfortable boots are constructed from Cowhide leather which makes them durable, sturdy and able to provide excellent protection. As you can expect from a touring boot the Max Sports GTX provides Gore-Tex waterproofing to keep your feet dry no matter the circumstances. The boots offer easy access through the use of Zipper. The Max Sports GTX are fitted with Ankle cup which provide all the impact protection you need. Daytona Max Sports GTX looks This particular version of the Max Sports GTX boots is Black. If this is not the color you are looking for don't worry we have plenty of other color options for the Max Sports GTX boots right here! ()
Noir - Cuir de Vache - unisex

Price: EUR 291.96

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