Image of Dashing Ringmaster Costume for Men ID FUN1350AD-XL

Dashing Ringmaster Costume for Men ID FUN1350AD-XL

Does it Feel like You're Running a Circus? Are you the one that's typically calling the shots in your friend group? When you want to meet for dinner, do you find yourself consistently choosing the restaurant? Are you planning the outings, the meetups, and making sure everyone sticks together? Or maybe you're a parent, and feel like you're working with little wild animals on the daily? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may just be the ringleader! If you're doing that much already, you might as well go the full distance and dress the part; after all, you deserve to look dashing if you're putting in the work. You'll feel more calm and in control while you're wearing the authoritative costume. It feels good to be respected and in the lead.  Product Details This costume brings everything you need to look like you know how to run a circus and look good doing it. The jacket and vest combo is trimmed in a gold color that is sure to make you stand out so you can seen at all times. The hat tops things off and really seals the look as being someone with authority. Take Command, the Show must Continue Onward! Whatever circus you're running, it's important to be seen and inspired by. Take on the flashy jacket and hat and do what you do best. Keep the show running smoothly and keep your audience entertained. Be the Dashing Ringmaster you know you're meant to be!

Price: USD 79.99

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