Image of Continental VancoWinter 2 ( 225/65 R16C 112/110R 8PR ) R-166763 DK

Continental VancoWinter 2 ( 225/65 R16C 112/110R 8PR ) R-166763 DK

VancoWinterTM 2: Smart. Alsidigt. Til tung last om vinteren. Commercial traffic faces constant time and economic pressures. In turn these pressures create great demand on the features of van tires. In wintry conditions, the right winter tyre can not only help make driving with passengers and cargo safer, but also minimize the risk of failed or late deliveries.The VancoWinter™ line traditionally sets the benchmark of optimal winter safety and performance for vans. The product line has proven itself on numerous occasions with tests by the media and in day-to-day application by end users.The Vanco™ Winter 2 is the new high-traction expert for safe transport of goods and people through the winter. Its genuine winter performance meets the requirements of the snowflake marking as provided by RMA testing standards.Highlights: Forbedret bremsning på sne og is. Håndtering som i en personbil. Fremragende beskyttelse mod aquaplaning. Lang levetid. Trækkraft testet på sne, snefnug (snowflake) mærkning på sidevæggen.

Price: DKK 1429.00

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