Image of Combo: Tenergy T-2299 Universal Smart Charger + 8 C 5000mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Combo: Tenergy T-2299 Universal Smart Charger + 8 C 5000mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

Charger Easy to use. One for all size rechargeable NiMH / NiCd batteries Powered by both an external AC adapter (110V AC input ) and Car lighter Plug, so you can charge battery either at home or in a Car. Intelligent microprocessor controlled to cut power automatically oncebattery get fully charged Battery life well protected by negative delta V (- delta V) detection, and timer protection of AAA, AA, C, D and 9V size batteries. Use constant current pulse charging system Recharges NiMH / NiCd batteries 2 pcs or 4 pcs at a time for AA / AAA /C/D and 1-2 pcs of 9V cells Automatic charge/discharge current selection for the different size ofbatteries. LED display for rapid charge / trickle charge / bad cell detection for AA,AAA, C & D size batteries:Red LED --- Rapid chargeGreen LED --- Cell are ready for use / trickle chargeFlashing RED LED --- cells are not suitable for chargingFor 9V batteriesRED LED --- charging. 9V is by manual control - RED LED light will continue to stay on unless you remove the 9V cellsPackingEach in a beautiful Retail Box Measurements5.0"W x 6.7"L x 2.5"H. Weight2.0 lbs Charging time:AAA sizecapacity600-950mAh; Charging time1.5 - 3 hrs.AA sizecapacity800 -2600mAh; Charging time1- 3 hrs.C sizecapacity1200 -5500mAh; Charging time2 - 7 hrs.D sizecapacity1.2 -10 Ah; Charging time2- 15 hrs.9V block sizecapacity100mAh-260mAh; Charging time9-18 hrs. High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries High quality C size 5000 mAh high capacity nickel hydride metal (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries Super long running time with this 5000 mAh high capacity Very long life time and can be recharged up to 1000 times. Can provide up to$1000 savings over the life time of this rechargeable batteries by eliminating the need to buy hundreds of C-size Alkaline batteries which cost at least $2 a piece. Exact replacement for standard C size batteries and NiCd rechargeable batteries Convenient operation due to that advantage that Ni-MH batteries have no memory effect. Can be charged anytime Can be rapidly charged with smart chargers and universal chargers 6 months warranty. Battery tested based on International Electronic Commission (IEC) standard to ensure capacity, quality and life timeTechnical Specifications DimensionHeight 50 mm, Diameter 26 mmWeight:0.2lb per cellCapacity5000 mAhVoltage1.2VStandard Charge16 hours @ 300 mARapid Charge2 hours @ 3000 mASpecification C size 5000mahDownload product manual here.Other NiMH Rechargeable Battery Combos Also Available Looking for AA Only Battery Combos? Click Here Looking for AAA Only Battery Combos? Click Here Looking for C Only Battery Combos? Click Here Looking for D Only Battery Combos? Click Here Looking for Mix of Various Size Battery Combo Kits? Click Here Looking for Charger Combo Packages? Click Here

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