Image of Celeste Fig Tree (Height: 3 - 4 FT)

Celeste Fig Tree (Height: 3 - 4 FT)

Cold hardy down to 10 degrees F, The Celeste Fig Tree is fast growing and produces delectable, sweet fruit ideal for eating fresh, making jams, or preserving. The trees are resistant to many pests and diseases that plague other fruit trees, and they produce large crops of figs. All of these attributes make the Celeste Fig Tree one of the most desirable fruit trees you can grow. Also called the Celestial Fig, the Celeste Fig grows to a mature size of 10 feet tall and 10 feet wide. The trees are a striking bright green with large leaves that can be as big as 10 to 12 inches across. The big leaves protect the fruit from the direct sunlight the tree needs to grow at its best. The fruit features a closed eye habit, that stops rot, and certain insects from attacking the ripening figs. This, combined with the Celeste Fig Tree’s fast growing nature, is what helps the tree make so many delicious, nutritious figs.

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