Image of Cat Scratch Fever Women's Costume ID PKPK2255-M

Cat Scratch Fever Women's Costume ID PKPK2255-M

A Cat's Life Sometimes, we wish we were a cat. They really have the life! The cute little creatures get to strut through the neighborhood, living like the little queens that they are. Everyone lavishes them with pets and attention and we're absolutely jealous... Then again, the power of costumes let you be anything you want to be! That means if you want to stroll to your next party wearing a gorgeous cat costume, you can totally do it. This women's costume is for cat lovers who want to add a sassy touch to the iconic costume! Product Details This Cat Scratch Fever Costume is a sexy cat costume that will have you ready to indulge in your feline instincts! The costume comes with a stretchy, form-fitting bodysuit that fits with a zipper in the back. The wet-look finish gives it the look of leather, and the mesh insets add a spicy spin to the classic cat costume. That back of the suit has an attached tail, because every good kitty needs a tail! The costume also comes with a simple headpiece to give you a pair of kitty ears! The ears are made out of a faux leather patent and fit on your head with a plastic headband.

Price: USD 79.99

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