Image of Care Bears Plus Size Women's Deluxe Bedtime Bear Costume ID FUN6489PL-3X

Care Bears Plus Size Women's Deluxe Bedtime Bear Costume ID FUN6489PL-3X

Is it Time for Bed? Tastes change. When we were young, our favorites were Tenderheart Bear and Cheer Bear. We loved Tenderheart Bear because he always led the Care Bears when trouble was afoot. Of course, we loved Cheer Bear because of her lovely pink color and her positive attitude. In those days, Bedtime Bear wasn't really on our radar. As an adult, Bedtime Bear is one of our favorites. Why? Well, as a kid, you always try to stave off going to bed, but when you're all grown-up, bedtime is the glorious time of the day when you get to slip under the covers of your bed and do absolutely nothing. That's right... bedtime is the perfect excuse to do nothing and just get some rest. Bedtime Bear is the Care Bear who wants everyone to a good night's rest and no one understands the importance of a solid 8 hours of sleep like us adults! He's definitely the bear we'd want to be. Design & Details It's time to transform into the sleepy bear himself, Bedtime Bear! This Plus Size Women's Bedtime Bear Costume is a deluxe Care Bears costume that's officially licensed from the classic cartoon series. Our costume designers made sure to pack plenty of great details into this cozy costume. It starts with a light blue, hooded top that's covered in a layer of ultra-soft faux fur. It features a zipper in the front and also has Bedtime Bear's belly badge right on the tummy. The sleeves have embroidered paws on them and the hood even has a little pair of bear ears on top. Finally, the costume comes with a pair of spandex blend leggings that stretch to fit. They have a Bedtime Bear themed pattern to bring the whole look together! The Sleeping Bear If you love getting in a full night's sleep, then you can appreciate what Bedtime Bear is all about! This Care Bears costume is so cozy, you might even want to take a snooze in it yourself!

Price: USD 69.99

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