Image of Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Kid's Costume ID FUN6494CH-S

Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Kid's Costume ID FUN6494CH-S

Nose Goes Walking into your den, you sit down on your haunches and chuff a few times as you taste the air. Something is wrong, but you can’t place your snout on it. Waving your massive skull through the air to make the scent clearer in your nostrils, you spot something very odd indeed! In the middle of the floor there is a small pink bear already hibernating! Normally, you would leave and find another shelter for the winter, but it is so late in the season and you are so full that you just nudge it slightly to try to get it to move. After that fails, you decide that maybe it would be ok to share the cave. That is unusual for you, but you get the sense that this bear likes to share all the time! Got a Fuzzy Feeling Feeling good and looking paw-some have never been closer together than they do when you wear this Kid’s Care Bears Deluxe Cheer Bear Costume. You will love the way this kid-sized onesie fits, since it is both comfortable and cute. The large, egg-shaped center with a rainbow on it is the perfect symbol to add that extra level of love to this already adorable outfit. You the hood comes complete with the little fuzzy ears that make you look exactly like the coolest, most cuddly, friendliest bears in the world! Bear-ly Ferocious If you are looking for the perfectly huggable way to show your love for all things Care Bear this year, then you are in the right place! This Care Bear Cheer Bear costume has all the details that you will love, while also being extremely comfortable. Just make sure you keep away from real bears!

Price: USD 59.99

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