Image of Camille Bauer 146838 Isolation amplifier 1 pc(s)

Camille Bauer 146838 Isolation amplifier 1 pc(s)

The active isolation amplifier SINEAX TV 819 has the task of electrically isolating input signals from output signals, amplifying them and/or converting them to a different level or to another type of signal (current or voltage). The SINEAX TV 819 offers a wide range of input and output ranges in a very small space, which can be adjusted by the user himself with solder bridges and potentiometers. The device fulfills the important requirements and regulations regarding electromagnetic compatibility EMC and safety (IEC 1010 and EN 61 010). It is developed, manufactured and tested according to ISO 9001 quality standard.Features / benefits:Galvanic isolation between input, output 3.7 kV and auxiliary power 3.7 kV / prevents falsification of measured values by potential carry-overFlexible, over 250 different input and output combinations, configurable by Solder bridges / small storageDC-, AC-power supply with very large tolerance range / universally applicableMounting the isolation amplifier on top hat railHousing width only 17.5 mm / smallest space requirementThis text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 425.00

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