Image of Burg Wächter 24900 PW 1 S Safe Key

Burg Wächter 24900 PW 1 S Safe Key

The wall safe point safe PW1 offers protection for cash, jewelry and other smaller value objects. The recommended application is in the area of home, for all the simple and solid protection for your valuable objects.Walls Your safe in the wall and create a safe place for the content.In the castle - monitor - Test laboratory tested, he holds the usual attempted break-ins. The solid single independent body and the compact design can be ideal in walls, even if only little place is available.The point safe wall safe is equipped with a double-bit lock locks. This safe lock version is a classic and traditional. In order to prevent theft, keep the key to the double bit lock in a safe place or wear it always with you.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 79.99

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