Image of Boys George Washington Costume | Historical Figure Costume ID FUN2332CH-XL

Boys George Washington Costume | Historical Figure Costume ID FUN2332CH-XL

Who is George? George Washington, the famous founding father. The very first President of the United States. That handsome face on the front of the one dollar bill. You probably remember him from your history classes. You probably know the story about him chopping down a cherry tree and then truthfully admitting it to his father. That story might be more fiction than fact, but it’s certainly stuck in your head all of these years. Of course, your kid probably knows him more as the cool-guy-from-the-famous-Broadway-musical-about-Alexander-Hamilton. Well, whether your child is a U.S. history buff, a fan of Broadway musicals, or he just needs an authentic looking outfit for his next school play, then this George Washington costume for kids is definitely the way to go. Design & Details This historical costume comes with everything your child needs to look like the one and only George Washington! The vest is a light gold color with branch and leaf designs. It also has shiny gold-tone buttons befitting a commander-in-chief. The jacket has matching gold designs along the edge of the coat. It also has gold epaulets on the shoulders, adding the commanding presence of this outfit. The pants are a light tan color with an elastic band in the waist for fitting. The ascot adds a dash of elegance and the colonial style hat polishes off the whole look. The final piece to the costume is the pair of boot covers, which fit over your child’s feet, so he can wear any pair of shoes he likes with this outfit! Take to the Stage Turn your child into the spitting image of America’s most prominent historical figure with this George Washington costume. He’ll be ready to take to the stage to teach the world about U.S. history… perhaps with a little song and dance!

Price: USD 54.99

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