Image of Black Mystic Witch Women's Costume ID SG90257B-XL

Black Mystic Witch Women's Costume ID SG90257B-XL

Dripping with Magic  When you know all there is to know about spells, potions, incantations and powerful amulets, why not put that knowledge to use? You like to think bigger than just turning pesky princes into crows, frogs or snails (although that's a fun pastime every now and then). This year, you're going to conjure yourself the best costume that anyone has ever seen, and whip up an amazing Halloween celebration into the bargain.  Product Details Dazzle and delight in this Women's Black Mystic Witch Costume! The outfit includes a gorgeous velvet dress that features an illusion-style neckline made of flower-patterned lace that matches the bell-shaped, cold-shoulder-style sleeves. The skirt's long zig-zag points are decorated with mystical symbols of suns, stars, and moons. The velvet belt is embellished with more celestial symbols and edged with faux leather. Top it all off with the tall, pointed witch hat that's backed with foam and printed with stars, moons, and suns on the underside of its wide brim.  Public Relations Normal humans are frequently scared of witches, so make sure to invite plenty to your party this year! They'll probably still be scared of you, which is totally fine, but at least they'll also learn what a great sense of fun you have, not to mention your sense of style! Hopefully they will enjoy themselves so much that they'll all be on their best behavior in the hopes that you'll invite them back next year, and you won't be forced to turn anyone into an animal. That spell is always awkward at a party. 

Price: USD 54.99

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