Image of Bering Jag Sneakers Black Grey Size 42 ID 3660815187289

Bering Jag Sneakers Black Grey Size 42 ID 3660815187289

Bering Jag Sneakers Black Grey Step into the world of Bering Jag Sneakers, where style meets unparalleled functionality. Crafted from durable microfiber, these sneakers promise both flexibility and resistance against the elements. The presence of a waterproof membrane, along with reinforcements at crucial points like the selector, heel, and toe, coupled with a transverse anti-crushing sole, ensures your safety and comfort on every ride. The Ortholite® insole delivers exceptional cushioning, while the adjustable ankle fastening and heel pull tab offer a personalized fit. Embodying the true biker spirit in design, the Jag sneaker is the ideal choice for bikers seeking quality, safety, and comfort in one sleek package. Features of the Bering Jag Sneakers * Material Mastery: The blend of polyurethane, nylon, and polyester forms a robust exterior, while the 100% rubber sole offers steadfast grip and durability. This material composition ensures the sneakers can withstand the demands of the road. * Comfort and Fit: Featuring an Ortholite® insole for superior cushioning, adjustable ankle fastening for a snug fit, and a rear pull tab for easy wear, these sneakers are designed with your utmost comfort in mind. * Homologation: Certified with EN 13634:2017 - 1 1 1 1 WR, the Jag sneakers meet rigorous safety and quality standards, ensuring they're equipped to protect you, season after season. Extras of the Bering Jag Sneakers * Waterproofing: The waterproof membrane keeps your feet dry, making the Jag sneakers suitable for all weather conditions, while the polyester lining ensures breathability and comfort. * Visibility and Protection: Equipped with reflective details for increased visibility, reinforced toe, and heel for enhanced protection, these sneakers are crafted to safeguard your journey. * All-Season Versatility: Designed for all seasons, the Jag sneakers adapt to various weather conditions, providing consistent comfort and protection year-round. Curious to learn more about these sneakers or in need of guidance to find the perfect motorcycle gear? Contact us (). Explore our Bering boots () collection for more exceptional choices.
Gris Microfibra Urban/Street 4 estaciones Jag Boots

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