Image of Bell Pro Star Fim ECE06 Matte Black Full Face Helmet Size S ID 196178084987

Bell Pro Star Fim ECE06 Matte Black Full Face Helmet Size S ID 196178084987

Bell Pro Star FIM ECE06 Matte Black Full Face Helmet Step into the world of advanced motorsport protection with the Bell Pro Star FIM Matte Black helmet. Representing the perfect fusion of innovation and style, this helmet is a true technological powerhouse that will appeal to any motorcyclist. Designed to meet the rigorous standards of the FIM Racing Homologation Program, the Pro Star FIM offers not only unparalleled safety, but also uncompromising aesthetics. Safety features One of the most advanced racing helmets on the market, the Pro Star ECE FIM is infused with groundbreaking technology. This has earned it the prestigious FIM Homologation status. The FIM Racing Homologation Program was created to grant special recognition to products that meet the performance requirements for FIM racing. This homologation is granted when specific standards of high performance and quality, set for each product, are achieved. The chinstrap closure is an important part of the helmet's effectiveness in the event of a fall, and it's also the part you interact with the most when donning and doffing the helmet. The MX-9 has a Double-D buckle. This is the oldest type of buckle and, compared to the other types of chinstrap closures, has the simplest design. All helmets in our collection are certified and legal for European roads. This helmet is ECE 22.06 approved. 22.06 is the newest ECE certification and helmets with this label are safer than its 22.05 predecessors, because they need to meet stricter safety standards. Besides the helmet, the accessories, such as visors, are also included in the tests. Note: The pictures show the helmet with a sticker on the back with DOT approval. However, the helmet we sell is only ECE approved. Comfort The helmet is equipped with several vents, entitled "Velocity Flow ventilation," to provide optimal airflow and cooling, which is crucial during intense sessions.  Looks The look of the Bell Pro Star FIM exudes a perfect balance of aerodynamic elegance and advanced functionality. With its streamlined contours and purposeful details, this helmet is a true eye-catcher on the road and track. The streamlined design is not only visually impressive, but also designed to offer minimal drag, contributing to an effortless riding experience.
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