Image of BEAUTIFUL | Unisex Hoodie Light Pink / 5XL ID 139738795

BEAUTIFUL | Unisex Hoodie Light Pink / 5XL ID 139738795

The Function
LYRICS: I dreamt that I could paint you with words. But there were no colors, bright enough. Black or white enough. Blue or green enough. It didn't mean enough. You are the star that touched the earth, Shine bright for all eyes to see. Radiate and touched me. Now I'm shining like you do. It was dim before I knew you. Bright light for weeping eyes to get used to. Trust who? That's some shit to adjust to. Soon as you relax, they ease back and cold bust you. Love murdered in Brooklyn. Sound the alarm, but you said remain calm, my passion is unarmed. I tried to practice my war like tactics, but in the clutch of your touch, my armor just collapses. such bliss breeds obliviousness, so recollect sweet breath still wet on my lips. My prayer's this: God protect my beloved and keep her covered From the valley, to the summer like the land undiscovered (like the stars). They say that beauty's in the eye of the beholder. So I use my third, and now our love is solid like a boulder. Want to build with yo

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