Image of Audio interface Audient EVO 4

Audio interface Audient EVO 4

EVO is the new brand of British audio specialist Auserve.Here, a quarter of a century of experience in audio design is combined with innovative new technology so that the user can produce more intelligently and quickly.Whether recording the latest track, producing a beat or creating a podcast, the advanced and versatile features of EVO 4 make it easy to implement ideas quickly.As a new feature, EVO 4 has a Smartgain mode that automatically adjusts the level of the microphones. Thus one can concentrate on the creativity while avoiding annoying clipping and distortions. The loopback function allows the computer output to be recorded simultaneously with the microphones. ideal for podcaster and streamer.The clean, warm and precise EVO pre-amplifier has an amplification range of 58 dB and brings out the best of every microphone. Thanks to the built-in high-performance converter, the recordings with 113 dB dynamic range get rich in detail in any DAW.Monitor mixes via headphones or connected active studio monitors can also be easily implemented due to the extremely low latency. Here, the intelligent multi-functional rotary knob for level adjustment of the recording and playback channels is an enormous workflow relief.A JFET instrument input is available for direct guitar/bass recordings. The 2 XLR combination sockets have a stable 48 volt phantom power and offer connection for micro and line level sources.EVO 4 is compatible with all important audio software and plug-ins and is delivered with a collection of professional software, which offers everything for the start in home recording.This text is machine translated.

Price: EUR 130.00

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