Image of Alpinestars Stratos Regular Fit Tech Riding Pants Military Green Talla 34

Alpinestars Stratos Regular Fit Tech Riding Pants Military Green Talla 34

Alpinestars Stratos Regular Fit Tech Riding Pants Military Green Crafted in the sought-after jogger pant design, the Alpinestars Stratos Tech Riding Pants are fashioned for a sleek, tapered silhouette while offering a comfortable regular fit. These pants are meticulously woven from a unique single-layer stretch Cordura® denim blend, positioning the Stratos as an ideal selection for motorcyclists who prioritize lower body safeguarding without sacrificing urban flair. This innovative stretch Cordura® denim concoction is a fusion of cotton for softness, enhanced with a significant amount of polyamide for unparalleled strength and resistance to wear, alongside a dash of elastane for that essential flexibility. The 12oz Cordura® denim is interlaced with polyamide fibers, striking a perfect harmony between durability and abrasion resistance with the natural comfort and breathability of cotton. This makes for a superior material choice for technical motorcycling pants that need to withstand the rigoof the ride without compromising on comfort or flexibility. The Stratos Pants feature a sophisticated closure system at the waist, combining buttons and a zipper with an additional drawstring for a customizable fit that also adds a unique style element. The lower leg closure system is designed for adaptability, featuring a double closure mechanism at the calf that allows riders to adjust the fit to accommodate various types of riding boots. Inside, the pants are equipped with Nucleon Flex Plus CE Level 1 rated knee protectors for optimal safety, and include pockets at the hips designed to accommodate the optional Bioflex hip protectors. These pants are certified to CE Level A, ensuring a high standard of protection for riders. Specifications of the Stratos Construction Monolayer stretch Cordura® denim fabric Composition 69% cotton, 30% polyamide, and 1% elastane Protection CE Level 1 EN 1621-1:2012 Alpinestars Nucleon Flex Plus knee protectors Prepared for Bioflex hip protectors (not include) Fully riding garment to CE – Category II EN 17092-4:2020 – A class Other features Relaxed jogger pants, with regular fit and tapered leg Elastane fiber provides flexibility enhancing stretchability in warp resulting in a high level of freedom of movement and comfort Functional and protective regular waist with string closure for a tailored fit Ergonomic hand pocket derived from unique Alpinestars’ oval-shaped design Adjustable double closure system on the calf provides versatility for all types of footwear. Back yoke designed to provide the best fit on the lower back when seated on the bike. Logo personalization on knees and back pock
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Price: EUR 215.96

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