Image of Allies Apart ISBN 9780230357129

Allies Apart ISBN 9780230357129

Author - Dr Andrew Scott
Published 2011/10/26 by Palgrave Macmillan
Allies Apart tells the story of Anglo-American relations at a pivotal time, with Britain joining Europe and the US pursuing détente with the communist superpowers. To date, the period has been widely portrayed as a low-point for the Anglo-American alliance - even the end of the so-called 'special relationship'. Using newly released material from both sides of the Atlantic, Andrew Scott examines if and why this was the case. Whereas commentators and historians have previously blamed Edward Heath for deliberately downgrading relations with Washington in order to open the door to Europe, Scott reveals a very different perspective, demonstrating the extent to which policy-making under Richard Nixon - assisted by his chief adviser, Henry Kissinger - affected transatlantic relations. As the White House set out to transform international relations, overhaul the global economic order and impose its Cold War rivalry on regional crises, London was left feeling impotent, marginalised and even double-crossed - all of which fuelled the case for Europe.

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