Image of Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Deluxe for Women ID DI67480-M

Alice in Wonderland Queen of Hearts Deluxe for Women ID DI67480-M

Off with Those Boring Dresses! There are plenty of ways to wear a dress this Halloween. There are always dresses for cutesy cat or witch costumes. Fairies sometimes wear dresses, in various lengths. But those get boring, right? They have no character. Black or green dresses, maybe some fishnets to spice it up, but these characters always dress the same. If you REALLY want to command a room with a unique and deadly look, step into the spotlight in this Alice in Wonderland Deluxe Women's Queen of Hearts Costume. Heads will turn, and if they don't, they will roll! Product Details No details were overlooked for this royal costume! Styled after the original cartoon, the red and black bodice and overskirt reveal a bold pattern of yellow and black on the underskirt. The sleeves are mesh, keeping you cool in the polyester velvet and satin. Trimmed in white fur and sporting a classic, white high collar, this bold dress is simply waiting for the right wearer to step into it and rule Wonderland. Top off the look with the faux leather crown, which sits on a headband so your violent sentencing doesn't shake it off of your head! Kneel Before Your Queen No one will be able to resist your authority in this royal garb. So, if you've always wanted to rule over the Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums in your life, here is your chance! Let this gown sweep menacingly behind you as you stalk about the Halloween party this year. Keep an eye out for Alice and the Mad Hatter, those meddling troublemakers. Your subjects are waiting, Your Majesty—as the Queen of Hearts herself once said, it's time to sentence first, and get the verdict later! Long live the Queen of Hearts, and long may you reign. Huzzah!

Price: USD 69.99

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