Image of Airoh Aviator Ace 2 Sake Orange Offroad Helmet Size XS ID 8029243365532

Airoh Aviator Ace 2 Sake Orange Offroad Helmet Size XS ID 8029243365532

Airoh Aviator Ace 2 Sake Orange Offroad Helmet Discover the Airoh Aviator Ace 2, a true masterpiece for the free-spirited rider. This helmet is your ace in the hole, blending a renewed, captivating design with a double Composite Carbon shell. Equipped with ASN and AEFR technologies and an innovative ventilation system, the Aviator Ace 2 is built for unstoppable riders. Whether it's a special occasion or everyday use, this helmet, Bluetooth Ready, is designed for true two-wheel lovers, crafted to be your faithful companion on every adventure, in any condition.   Features of the Airoh Aviator Ace 2 * Composite Carbon Shell: Enjoy the lightweight yet robust protection of the Composite Carbon shell, offering superior safety without the extra weight. * ASN and AEFR Technologies: Advanced safety features ensure you're well-protected on every ride, giving you peace of mind as you explore new horizons. * DD Ring Retention: Secure and easy-to-use, the DD Ring system keeps your helmet snugly in place, offering added safety and convenience. * Removable and Washable Inner Lining: Hygiene meets comfort with hypoallergenic lining that's easy to clean, ensuring a fresh helmet every time you ride. * ECE 2206 Approval: Ride confidently knowing your helmet meets high European safety standards, a testament to its quality and reliability. Aviator Ace 2: Extra Features and Goodies * Bluetooth Ready: Stay connected and entertained with the helmet's Bluetooth compatibility, perfect for both long journeys and daily commutes. * Inside the Box: Unbox extra goodies like peak screws and Airoh stickers, adding that personalized touch to your riding experience. * Stunning Graphics: The Aviator Ace 2 doesn't just protect; it impresses with its captivating graphics and stylish appearance, making you stand out. Got questions about the Airoh Aviator Ace 2? Reach out to us () for more details. We're here to assist in your journey to find the perfect motorcycle gear. Craving more? Dive into our collection of Airoh helmets () for more exciting options!
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