Image of Adult Terrifier Art The Clown Costume ID TTTTDA100-XL

Adult Terrifier Art The Clown Costume ID TTTTDA100-XL

sick games The notorious serial killer Art the Clown wants to play a game with you. Lucky for you, it involves your participation, but only by wearing this costume! Art's filthy, rotting teeth and abnormally shaped head don't come with it, but we have a mask that will do the trick for you. product details This vile, all-polyester costume captures the creepy clown we all know and fear. It comprises a big shiny black-and-white jumpsuit with two poms on the front, a zipper down the center-back, ruffles around the collar, and a pair of fingerless gloves. You'll have everything you'll need sans a mask or some facepaint (and a steady head) to assume your role as Art the Clown. what's in the bag When you wear this costume you'll strike fear in the hearts of the neighborhood. You can do more, though. With a mask and these duds, you should carry around a big black bag too. Just to carry your candy, of course, but it never hurts to leave folks guessing about what's in there. Is it a bunch of candy corn? Plausible. Is it an amalgam of body parts? Well, who are we to say one way or another?

Price: USD 59.99

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